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Florida: Hungry boy dials emergency number – Police don’t disappoint him

Three Police officers in Florida were called out on a case which at first glance appeared to fall within their competence.

A boy had called in for assistance as he was hungry, and the Police assumed they would be dealing with a case of malnutrition. On the way, they were informed the boy was asking for a pizza.

When the officers turned up at the indicated address, they found five-year-old Manuel and his 15-year-old sister. It was evident there was case of abuse, and the boy had called the Police without his sister being aware.

Although it was not part of their duties, the Police did not want to disappoint the boy, so they ordered a pizza and delivered it to his home.

At the same time they took the opportunity to remind the public not to call the emergency number needlessly, besides of course giving the boy a lesson on when to use or not use the emergency number.



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