New York: Four “bridesmaids” killed after ‘hens party’ collision between a limo and a pickup

A prospective bride has been critically injured and is in danger of dying and four of her “bridesmaids” were killed when a pickup truck crashed into their limousine shortly after they had left the bride’s “hens party”. Seven women in the limo, its driver and the truck driver were injured in the collision.

The incident happened in Long Island, New York at 5.30pm on Saturday as the limo was being driven back from a vineyard where the prospective bride was celebrating her last days of “freedom”. The pickup crashed into the centre of the vehicle.

Three of the girls were killed instantly and a fourth girl died shortly after being taken to hospital. They were all aged between 24 and 25. The truck driver was immediately arrested and appeared to be drunk. However, the NY Police are still carrying out investigations.

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