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The EC President praises Malta for its reforms in the rule of law

European Commission’s President Ursula Von der Leyen last night made her State of the Union address, an annual speech on the situation in the European Union and praised Malta for the reforms it has carried out on the rule of law.

She also mentioned Daphne Caruana Galizia and the need for journalists to be protected.

In her speech, Ursula Von der Leyen tackled various issues including the work carried out by the EU this year and its plans for the future.  She spoke about the pandemic’s recovery process both from the health perspective and the economic sphere, urging everyone to get vaccinated. It was for this reason the EU has committed itself to give 250 million doses which will be followed by a further 200 million doses for countries who cannot afford to buy the vaccine, by the middle of next year. She also spoke about the need to support the Afghan people and that assistance to Afghanistan will increase by 100 million Euro. She also spoke on the need for the EU to strengthen its cooperation on security and that is why the EU is considering having a centre specifically for this purpose.

Meanwhile the President of the European Commission, Ursola Von der Leyen, will be in Malta today to present the first payment to Malta of the €345 million allocated by the EU.

These funds are part of the recovery and resilience plan approved by the European Commission so that Malta can recover from the economic effects of the pandemic. TVM is informed that Von der Leyen will be officially presenting the first of a series of payments to the PM Robert Abela.