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Following Qawra shipwreck, crew awaits wages to return home

The crew members of the ship which ran aground at Qawra are still waiting for their due payments so that they can return to their countries. The ship’s captain said they are grateful for the shelter provided at Dar il-Baħħara, however he complained that their condition is still not good. The ship’s agent in Malta told the news centre that the crew members are expected to be paid by the ship’s owners who will be arriving in Malta in the coming days.

The ship’s captain, Joynal Abedin told us that the crew are eagerly waiting to return to their countries – Bangladesh, Russia and Egypt – following the trauma they experience due to the bad storm which they never encountered in their work.

“Everybody trying to go home because they have seen, and fatigue, a big accident, lucky they are safe. So they don’t like to face anymore anything, just want to go back home with their salary. That’s it,” the Hephaestus captain said.

The captain, who is still painful with his injured shoulder, said that the tanker’s second engineer has been paid a third of his wages since last June. He and the other three crew members have received no payments since December, while two other members have never been paid since being recruited on the tanker last month.

“So they don’t have any money to even go to the market, nothing, if they have money, they can buy themselves clothes but they cannot, they have nothing,” Abedin stated.

The ship’s agent in Malta told TVM that the crew members will be paid by the ship’s owners who will be in Malta shortly and they can be repatriated.

Meanwhile, the ship is expected to be inspected by representatives of an insurance company. A spokesperson for Cassar Ship Repair, which will release the ship from the shore, said that when the bad weather slows down, an analysis will be made on the tanker’s damage and a salvage operation will be in place. Precautionary measures were also taken in case the small amount of fuel it is carrying spills at sea.

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