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A fund for fireworks factories to strengthen their safety and security

The Malta Council for Arts has just launched the second edition of a fund for fireworks factories operated on a voluntary basis. The fund, with an allocation of €170,000, aims to help these factories implement infrastructural projects to strengthen safety and security. Each entity can benefit up to €5,000.

Council Chairman Albert Marshall announced that a First Aid course is to be organised with the help of the Red Cross for those who apply. He said that for an entity to qualify for funding, one of its members has to be nominated to attend the course.

Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici said it is important that the tradition of pyrotechnics manufacture continues to be strengthened because this forms part of the Maltese identity. He said the fund encourages factories to invest in their structure and their equipment to facilitate the manufacture of fireworks in more secure and safe conditions as well as to increase their knowledge of greater safety factors.

Applications will be received up to the middle of next month.

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