Food establishments open: 250 complied with measures

As Malta has now entered into the second phase of relaxed restrictions, many food establishments and their workers returned to work in a different scenario. Establishments opened with more restrictions and precautionary measures against Covid-19. Till Friday afternoon, the Tourism Authority had certified some 250 establishments after they had conformed themselves with the new measures.

Marylene Seychell, who runs a food establishment, said they had a feeling that establishments will reopen. “It was a challenge due to the many preparations but we are satisfied that we are in this process in which we can open all establishments”.

“I missed the work, the routine of getting up in the morning for work and opening my section”, Chef Haydon Hatherly said.

“A beautiful and exciting feeling that we are back in business and at least watch restaurants starting operation…..see the staff return for work and we now wait for the first clients”, Joe Vella, who runs a food and hospitality establishment said.

Clients were also thrilled with the reopening of establishments. Joseph Fenech said: “It is something you appreciate when you lose it and is now back….this also applies to anything such as having the opportunity for a cup of coffee, this simple thing”.

As coronavirus is still present, the establishments opened with many more restrictions. The Tourism Authority on Friday said it certified over 250 establishments which conformed themselves with protocols and new guidelines, including in hygiene and signs that guide clients to respect social distancing.

On Friday afternoon as restaurants and establishments had the opportunity to reopen for business, we observed that activity was rather calm however they acknowledged that this is the start of a new economic activity in a completely new reality.

“We will see what will happen, we try to make ends meet, it’s going to be hard but we’re determined to make it,” Joe Vella said.

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