Football ground in Tarxien will be named after Constable Mark Farrugia

A new look will be given to Veliko Turnovo Garden in Tarxien for the enjoyment and relaxation of locals.

In addition, Tarxien Rainbows will be able to use the football ground which will be set up to train nursery children while opening it up to other children to use to play their favorite sport at other times of the day.

The Veliko Turnovo garden in Tarxien will be rearranged to form an open space. This place will be brought to life with a garden, swings and a 5-a-side football pitch that will be able to be enjoyed by the public.

This project will be carried out with an investment of € 90,000 and is being funded by the Malta Community.

The Mayor of Tarxien, Joseph Abela, expressed satisfaction that as a result of this project the people of Tarxien, especially, will be able to enjoy a more accessible space.

“God willing we will see big transformation of the whole garden, with designs, new swings for children as well as a 5-a side stadium. This stadium has been closed for a long time but we have managed to fix it with these funds. It will benefit the Tarxien Rainbows – in the morning it will be able to be used for the nursery then after it will be able to be used by the council for social and physical activities “.

The stadium, which will be resurfaced, will be named after Constable Mark Farrugia who was killed while on duty in Tarxien in March 1999.

Minister of the Interior Byron Camilleri who visited the project said that this was another project which provided an open space for everyone to enjoy.

He explained that the council intends to leave the stadium open at certain times of the day with the aim of getting children to play or train in their favorite sport.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, Alex Muscat, explained that in our island there is a thirst for more open green spaces.

He said that in addition to this investment other embellishment projects are being carried out in the heart of the community, including the installation of lighting in Mdina.