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Footballer suffers heart attack during match between Kirkop and Santa Venera

A football player has ended up fighting for this life after he suffered a heart attack yesterday during a Third Division match between Kirkop and Santa Venera at the centenary stadium.

The Santa Venera team captain, Yau-Mun Law, 36, fainted while he was playing. A nurse was on duty who immediately carried out First Aid by using a defibrillator.

Police officers as well as photographer Walter Sargent also provided First Aid.

In. a statement, the Sports Journalists Association thanked its member for his timely intervention while stressing the need for an ambulance and a doctor, apart from a nurse, to be present during every MFA and YFA. match.

Players from the same team, including Shamison Farrugia, also said on social media that there should always be an ambulance on stand by. Farrugia said that he does not want to play anther match unless there is an ambulance available.

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