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For the best European city break you should visit…

If you’re planning a short break in a European city where one can find good food, cultural activities and an interesting history, you would probably choose the cheapest destination on the market.

According to an annual survey known as City Costs Barometer, carried out by the UK Postal Service, the cheapest hoilday in a European city could be in Vilnius, Lithuania. This city  has been found to be the cheapest after taking into consideration the price of a cup of coffee, entrances to museums and two-night accommodation expenses for two adults in a three-star hotel.

The Lithuanian capital is known for its old mediaeval part, its baroque architecture, modern street art and historic mix. The total cost for a Vilnius break, according to this index, is about 170 euro .

At the other end of the scale, the most expensive city for a short break in the snow is Reykjavik in Iceland, with the cost, taking everything into account, hitting 540 euro. This Icelandic city is last on the list of this index which compares 48 different European cities.

Apart from Reykjavik, the mot expensive holiday city breaks are Amsterdam in Holland, Oslo in Norway, Helsinki in Finland and Copenhagen in Denmark. The cheapest include Belgrade in Serbia, Warsaw in Poland, Istanbul in Turkey and Bucharest in Romania.

Eastern European countries are among the cheapest, whilst if one wants sun and sea, Porto in Portugal is a cheap destination. Food in Greece is also among the cheapest in Europe.

According to this barometer, prices seem to have gone down slightly when compared with last year. The cost of a visit to Venice has gone down by 23%, despite its problem with too many visitors.

Valletta was not among the European cities surveyed in this barometer.