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Foreign Ministry advises Maltese to avoid travel to Sri Lanka

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion is advising Maltese citizens against travelling to Sri Lanka. This follows a number of explosions which have killed 138 persons, wounded another 400 and hit three churches and four hotels.

In a statement published on Facebook, the Ministry declared that Sri Lanka is presently beset by political instability. The Ministry added that any Maltese who are in Sri Lanka should follow local instructions and avoid crowded areas.

Anyone intending to travel to Sri Lanka is urged to undergo health checks six weeks before departure. It is stated that health services in Sri Lanka are not up to standard. In the event of an emergency, Maltese who are in Sri Lanka can call for an ambulance on 00112691111.

Passports are to to valid for a six-month period after the date of arrival in the country.

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