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Foreign Secretary Raab confident UK will leave EU at the end of the month

Uncertainty continues to be the order of the day in the UK with Brexit becoming increasingly more complicated as the 31 October – the day when the UK is set to leave the European Union – draws nearer. Although yesterday Boris Johnson’s Government lost a vote in the English Parliament and had to – reluctantly – request an extension of the UK’s departure date from the Union, the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab said he was confident that the UK would leave the European bloc with an agreement by the end of the month.

“I think many of your viewers at home would be astonished. We’ve actually secured a deal with the EU, a lot of people said the prime minister couldn’t do that. He has got that deal. We seem to have the numbers in the House of Commons. Why hasn’t parliament pushed this through? That is what we are going to do next week.”

Raab said that the House of Commons should not continue to throw spanners in the works for Johnson.

During a hearing in the House of Commons on Saturday, the first one of its kind in the last 37 years, Johnson lost the vote and had to ask the European Union to postpone Brexit. He did this in an unsigned letter, which was accompanied by another letter which he himself signed in which he reiterated that the postponement of Brexit was a big mistake.

President of the Council of the European Union Donald Tusk acknowledged receipt of the request for extension and said he would be consulting European Union leaders about it.

Johnson in turn will continue to negotiate to try to obtain approval for an agreement with the European Commission by passing apposite legislation. This is because technically the vote yesterday was not about the agreement reached.

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