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Foreign workers in Malta sent €61 million to their countries during 2017

The increase in foreign workers in Malta is being reflected in the amount of money send to their countries.

Eurostat figures show that last year, foreign workers in Malta sent €61 million to their country. At the same time, the Maltese workers in European Union countries sent €22 million to Malta – €15 million were sent by Maltese who live in EU countries.

Malta is one of 15 EU countries from which more personal financial transactions are carried out to other countries, than these countries receive.

The countries which receive most money from their nationals who work in foreign countries are Portugal and Poland, while France and Germany – who have a great foreign workforce  population – are the most EU countries from whom money are sent to relatives of migrants.

According to Eurostat, last year personal transfers made by EU residents to other countries reached almost €33 billion, while personal transactions for residents in European Union countries reached almost €11 billion.

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