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Foundation for Social Welfare provides support to relatives of Lourdes Agius -3 children are with foster parents

A week after the murder of a 35-year old mother at Paola, who was allegedly killed by her partner, many organizations especially women organizations continued to air their views with statements on this femicide and the problem of domestic violence. On the other hand, social and professional workers with the Foundation for Social Welfare worked to provide the necessary support to the family, especially the victim’s children.

The Foundation’s chief executive, Alfred Grixti, told TVM that in recent hours, the children of murdered victim Maria Lourdes Agius are now all living with foster parents. “We issued the care order as indicated by the court which chose not to issue a court order, but an immediate care order and they are in a fostering placement”

Mr Grixti said that in the Paola case, Magistrate Astrid May Grima entrusted the Foundation for Social Welfare to make the arrangement for a care order, unlike the case of the abandoned baby at Buġibba. In that case, Magistrate Joe Mifsud issued a court order and in the following days indicated to the Foundation to issue a care order and today the baby is protected.

Mr Grixti added that the children born to Agius through another relationship have been long under care, with one of them being adopted. On the day that the 35-year old woman was found strangled in her bed, TVM had reported that the Foundation for Social Welfare started a process so that, temporarily, the children are place in the care of an institution and are given the necessary assistance.

“Our interest is on the children, and we offered immediately our therapeutic assistance, counselling and psychiatrists to all the children and other relatives. We are doing advocacy work because the family and the siblings are traumatized; so we are looking at the while family”, Mr Grixti stated.

In these two cases, he said, scores of persons offered to adopt or foster the children. “My appeal is both to adoptive parents and prospective fosters that we are always in need of these services and do not have to wait for an emergency, but this is an all year round issue”.

Meanwhile, the compilation of evidence in the case of 28-year old Michael Emmanuel from Ivory Coast, who is accused with Agius murder, will start towards the end of next week. The mother was killed last Saturday in her apartment at Paola.

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