Four films currently being shot in Malta which will inject €7 m in the economy

As the country battles the Coronavirus pandemic, the film industry has continued to turn a profit. Television Malta spoke to the Film Commissioner, Johann Grech, who said that four foreign productions relating to different genres are currently being filmed, two of them in Gozo. Mr Grech said that between them, these four productions are expected to inject more than € 7 million in the local economy.

At Malta Film Studios in Kalkara, construction work and a new pump room was installed at a cost of one and a half million Euros. The pump room is the heart of the water tank facilities that are sought after by filmmakers and this is the first time such an investment has been made in over 40 years.

Film Commissioner, Johann Grech, said that this year work will begin to fulfil another wish of operators in the industry and for the first time Malta will have sound stage facilities. The construction of three sound stages will cost € 13 million. Commissioner Grech explained why sound stages are crucial for industry and operators.

“Building sound stages: they will be among the first to see their jobs become careers and see Malta continue to advance in this field in the film industry.”
In a consultation meeting with film operators, Commissioner Grech said that during the pandemic, productions continued in Gozo.

“In April we have four productions. Two of them in Gozo where we are now also seeing Gozitans working in the film industry. These four productions are thought to generate around € 7 million in the country’s economy. ”

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo reiterated the Government’s commitment to continue investing in Film Studios facilities. Minister Bartolo said that in the first quarter of the year three productions were brought into the country which left € 18 million in the economy with more than 1,200 job opportunities created.