Four men who attacked and robbed three people have been arrested

The elderly man who appears in this photo is one of three people who yesterday was allegedly attacked and robbed by four attackers.

In a statement, the Police said that the Rapid Intervention Unit (RIU) had arrested three men, shortly after they allegedly attacked and robbed three people.  Later last night, the Police from the Major Crimes Unit arrested another man in connection with the same case.

The Police explained that yesterday afternoon, at around 3pm, while the RIU police were doing their rounds in Hamrun, their assistance was requested in the area of Sa Maison gardens. At that time, a report came in that a man was asking for help because he had just been assaulted by three men.

The man gave a description of the people who had assaulted and robbed him. . While the Police were searching the surroundings for the attackers in Triq Mountbatten, Pietà, they noticed a person who fit the description which had been given. As soon as he was spotted by the Police, he fled, but the Police ran after him and arrested him in Triq San Ġorġ Preca.

It was stated that at the same time, the RIU officers spotted the two other people who also fit the description which had been given and they were arrested in Triq Joe Gasan, in Pietà as well.

At that time, the Police were approached by a young man who told them that he had just filed a report that he had been attacked and robbed by three people, who fit the same description the other man had given them.

A few moments later the Police were informed that another report had come in, in which an elderly person had been assaulted by the same culprits.

Following a search of the three people who had been arrested, the items which were stolen from the victims were found.

The Police investigations continued for the next few hours, during which another person was identified who was involved in these crimes, and he was also arrested.

The four culprits were taken to the lock up at the Police HQ in Floriana for further questioning by the Major Crimes Squad. The Police investigations continue.

Meanwhile, the same RIU officers continued with their rounds, including on foot, in various roads around Hamrun, Marsa and Qormi. During these rounds, the Police took action against a number of people who were in breach of road traffic regulations.

On Facebook the daughter of one of the victims posted a photo and reported what had happened to her elderly father.