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Bail for four persons charged with involuntary homicide of Miriam Pace

72-year-old Architect Anthony Mangion, 36-year-old Architect Roderick Camilleri, 36-year-old Ludvic Dimech and 42-year-old Nicholas Spiteri have been released on bail after pleading not guilty to the involuntary homicide of Miriam Pace and to causing damage to private property, among other charges.

Camilleri, Mangion and Dimech were also charged with falsifying documents, whilst Dimech, on his own, was charged with becoming a relapser.

Accused were assisted by a number of lawyers, who requested bail for their clients. The Prosecution did not object but requested the imposition of conditions which reflect the seriousness of the case.

After hearing all submissions the court, Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras presiding, acceded to the request for bail whilst binding the accused to sign the bail book once a week, and against personal guarantees ranging from 7,500 euro to 8,500 euro and a deposit of 1,500 euro.

In the case of Ludvic Dimech, this was fixed at 1,500 euro together with a personal guarantee of 8,500 euro.

In view of the present medical emergency, the bail book signing was suspended for the architects as they are vulnerable persons, until such time as legal notice 119/20 which came into effect because of Covid-19 is withdrawn.

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