Four US Marines killed in Tennessee

Four American Marines were killed at two US Navy military centres in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It has been reported that the two incidents are being investigated as “an act of domestic terrorism”. 

The gunshots were fired towards the reserve centre of the American Navy and the recruitment office, which is 10 kilometeres away.

The Chattanooga police said that the same armed man opened fire at both places and confirmed that the gunman has been killed.

In a statement, the Marines Corps confirmed that “four fatalities” had occurred.

FBI agent Ed Reinhold, who is leading the investigations said that the first incident happened at around 10.45am (local time) at the recruitment centre inn the eastern part of the town.

After opening fire, the gunman fled from the scene in his Ford Mustang, chased by the local police.

The gunman was eventually shot by the police.

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