Four year prison sentence for man caught robbing elderly couple’s apartment

Matthew Camilleri appeared in Court today charged with stealing jewellery and other items from the apartment of an elderly couple in Attard.

Camilleri has denied the charges brought against him, however the Police provided evidence that the accused was in the area when the robbery took place and was even given away by his own mobile. Apart from this, both the person who was robbed, as well as another person who lives in the same apartment block, saw the accused on the day of the robbery and recognised him when asked to identify him.

Magistrate Joseph Mifsud took into consideration that the accused was a relapser and said that he still chose to continue with his life of crime, one case after another and therefore he had no other choice but to hand down a prison sentence. He said that it is not just the victims of the crime who suffer but the families of the criminal as well who try to do everything they can to prevent their children from continuing in the vicious circle of the criminal world.

The Court sentenced the accused to four years in prison and ordered him to pay €1,529 in Court expenses.