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“Four years ago, I felt my life had ended” – Anna Vella

“Four years ago I felt great darkness and saw no future as a result of mental challenge”. However, today, presenter Anna Vella says that treatment and the will to be cured, together with family support, her life was re-born. Anna says that it is easy that one faces mental challenges, and she appealed for persons to seek immediate assistance.

Anna Vella is a popular presenter on the morning program Carlo’s breakfast Cafe’ on Magic Malta radio, many times in a hilarious mood with presenters Carlo Borg Bonaci and Gordon Bonello. Recently, Anna shared with listeners her mental challenge experience of four years ago. With TVM, Anna recounted the experience when she had moments of darkness which made her despise the day.

“The feeling that you no longer are emotional in life; you consider yourself a mistake on circumstances you face….even if you break a glass; one cannot understand this…”

Anna recalls that people did not believe her when she told them she had a strong depression as she always appeared joyful on the radio. “When I share my experience, they tell me ‘illallu’ you are so joyful; but in reality joyful people are those who mostly keep things to themselves and need a motivator…”

Anna said that it is important for a person to admit that he/she has a mental challenge. “You have to admit to yourself that you need assistance; mental illness is silent…that you have a mental disease that no one is aware of”.

Anna told TVM that she is thankful to her husband and daughter Sara, relatives and friends, while at the same time she delivers joy and jokes on Magic Malta’s breakfast show which are needed to reduce stress in life.