Kite and Wind Festival in Gozo

The fourth edition of the Kite and Wind festival was held in the picturesque area of ​​St. Dimitri’s chapel, in the limits of Gharb. The Northwesterly wind in recent hours helped create a spectacle of different colors and shapes including animals. This year 40 participants took part.

In the countryside of the picturesque village of Gharb, the fourth International Kite and Wind Festival was organized this weekend.

Once again this festival offered a spectacle of hues in the skies. Kite manufacturing was a very popular tradition in Gozo, especially among children and families, but over time the tradition has been lost.

The Kite and Wind festival organized by the Gharb Local Council brings together various countries and cultures. Gharb mayor David Apap Agius said that among the 12 participating countries were Mexico, China, Ireland, Spain and England.

“As usual we also brought in foreigners and participants are mostly foreign. We have about 40 participants from all over the world and they all came with their technique, and their kites which they can fly here and exhibit in the St. Dimitri area. ”

The wind blowing over the Maltese islands in recent hours, helped to make the festival, in the fields near the chapel of San Dimitri, a success. The feast of St. Dimitri will be celebrated at the end of this week, with this festival ending on Sunday evening. Usually on Sunday there is a fair and a traditional bonfire but due to the pandemic this year it will not take place. The Kite and Wind festival was organized by the Gharb Local Council in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo and the Cultural Heritage Directorate.