France: Chief medical consultant says that third national lockdown will probably be required

The chief medical consultant in France said that they will probably need to have a third national lockdown to stop the spread of the pandemic in the country. Although a strict curfew was imposed last week, the number of infections have continued to rise.

Prof Jean-Francois Delfraissy, who heads the scientific council which gives advice about Covid-19, said that this is an emergency and this week is critical. He called for immediate action among concerns about the way the new variant is spreading.

Prof Delfraissy said that the information shows that the new variant which was found in the UK now amounts to between 7 – 9% of the infections in certain regions in France. He said that the country is in a better situation than others in Europe however he describes the new variant as being equivalent to a second pandemic.

He warned that if the country does not harshen its measures it will find itself in a difficult situation from the middle of March onwards. The French Government will meet on Wednesday to decide what other measures need to be taken.