Francesca Rausi represents Malta during London’s Fashion Week

Five year old Francesca Rausi, was the only Maltese who took part in the prestigious London Fashion Week.

Francesca Rausi, who has Down Syndrome, surprised everyone on the catwalk of London’s Fashion Week when she modelled a special dress that was specially designed for her by an international fashion stylist.

The designer of Dis is Me Coutoure in London chose 5-year-old Francesca Rausi to take part in the prestigious London Fashion Week.

“At first I couldn’t believe she wanted Francesca to model and when she told me that it was for London Fashion Week I was even more surprised.”

Francesca walked on the catwalk confidently while her mother Michelle said that she had long noticed that her daughter loves fashion very much.

“She is not shy …. modeling is something she loves and she couldn’t wait to get out there.”

Michelle told us that she enjoyed the fact that Francesca had taken part in London Fashion Week because she represented Malta in its diversity.

“It was very nice to meet her, because she believes in inclusion, for all children to have a chance, whoever they are and whatever their condition.”

Michelle said her joy did not stem from the fact that her daughter took part but in the fact that now children with Down syndrome are being included and appreciated

“We want to see more children with conditions participating because that’s the only way we can get our message across, because if people see Francesca modeling, they can appreciate Francesca the way she is.”

Francesca did so well that next year she has been invited by the same designer to open the show at London Fashion Week with Francesca already practicing her walk back at home.