Francesco Totti manages to walk around Rome unnoticed

While there is no doubt that TV personalities, athletes and a host of other celebrities live in luxury, everything comes at a price. Probably the biggest problem for these people is that they can’t go anywhere without being recognised and attracting a large crowd with everyone hoping to get a photo or signature.

Amid this reality, former captain of A.S. Roma, Francesco Totti never managed to walk around Rome without being disturbed. Until recently. The pandemic has granted him his wish

In recent days, as Italy has started to ease lockdown measures in connection with the pandemic, Totti and his wife, presenter Ilary Blasi, found the perfect opportunity by wearing a large mask and a beret and have managed to make their way through the main streets of Rome quietly, without attracting any attention.

Among other things, Totti also managed to take a photo in front of the Fontana di Trevi, one of the most popular touristic places in the heart of the Italian capital.

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