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Free coffee for those who pick up litter

An unusual initiative has been launched by means of which one can get a free coffee while doing a good deed at the same time.

A mobile kiosk in Mosta which sells coffee and organic food is offering a free coffee to whoever fills up a rubbish bin with the litter they find on the ground. The kiosk is also offering a pair of gloves for whoever wants to do this.

Annelise, the owner of Ann’s Vann, is the brains behind this initiative. In a comment to TVM, Annelise said she had decided to offer this free coffee to encourage people to clean up the litter which makes our country looks so dirty. “Every drop counts” she says.

Annelise told us that the kiosk will be set up near Lidl in Mosta up to the end of April.

Meanwhile, a shop owner in Naxxar who imports the coffee sold from the kiosk, said that the initiative by Ann’s Van is an independent one, but he still supports positive action such as this.