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French company takes a step back after it said that if it develops a vaccine it will give priority to US

It appears that Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical company which manufactures medicine, has taken a step back from its original plan to give priority to the American market if it develops a vaccine against Covid-19.

This was after a controversy arose amid outrage following the comments by the CEO of Sanofi Paul Hudson who said that the American Government had a right to the largest order because it is the country which has invested the most in research.

On his part, the French PM Edouard Philippe said that access to everyone is “non negotiable” He spoke with the company’s Chairman who on his part said that no country would have an advantage over another.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the efforts being made to find a vaccine should not be subject to market forces. He is expected to meet with high officials from Sanofi, next week.