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French President in meetings with trade unions and workers’ organisations

French President Emmanuel Macron is today expected to meet with trade unions and workers’ organisations, with the hope of putting an end once and for all to the riots in Paris and surrounding cities. Macron will be carrying out this meeting before his scheduled speech on TV where he is expected to announce measures in reaction to the damage caused in the French capital.

The violent riots in Paris have now been ongoing for the last four weeks because of the anger at the increase in fuel tax, an increase in the cost of living and other issues. On Saturday around 136,000 people took part in the protests around the country, out of which 1,200 were arrested.

The worst hit in these violent protests was Paris, with a number of broken shop windows, cars set on fire, and looting from shops.  Around 10,000 people took part in the Paris protests.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire described the situation as catastrophic both for business and the economy.

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