From domestic violence victim to winner of Miss Universe Malta

Jade Cini, representing Valletta, won this year’s edition of the Miss Universe Malta contest.

24 girls, each representing a locality, took part in the event held at the Hilton Hotel in St Julian’s yesterday evening and broadcast on TVM.

The next step for Jade will be representing Malta together with another 90 countries in the 70th edition of this international beauty contest, being held in Eilat, Israel in December.

This was not Jade Cini’s first win in a beauty contest. Her other successes included twice winning Miss Intercontinental – in 2013 and 2016.

Speaking to TVM, Jade Cini expressed her satisfaction, saying she is happy and honoured to be representing her country in Miss Universe.

Jade also won Miss Personality, which she considers a very important award as personality is an important factor in this type of contest. Jade explained that this contest does not hinge only on external beauty, but has an element of personality as well.

During this contest, Jade promoted extensively the cause of victims of domestic violence.

Aware of the suffering endured by victims of domestic violence, even because she herself has been one such victim, Jade urged sufferers to drum up courage and seek help.

Finally, Jade delivered a message, saying that those who have a dream should work towards achieving it even if this takes time and the road is difficult because the satisfaction at achieving one’s dream is enormous.

During yesterday’s event Michela Galea, who was representing Mġarr, placed second, and Maxine Formosa representing St Julian’s placed third.

You can follow yesterday’s Miss Universe contest here.