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From Monday – all outpatient appointments at Mater Dei and Gozo postponed

The Medical Association of Malta, MAM, has announced it has issued directives to doctors in the public service not to attend for outpatient appointments at Mater Dei Hospital and at the Gozo General Hospital with effect from Monday, 3rd August. MAM said in a statement this directive will remain in force for one week.

Also with effect from Monday, 3 August and for one week, non-urgent ultrasounds are being postponed.

MAM has also ordered that from Wednesday, 5 August until Tuesday, 11 August all non-urgent operations are to be postponed.

The doctors’ association said in its statement that doctors working in the emergency department at Mater Dei, and including the children’s emergency department, are exempt from these directives.

As far as health centres are concerned, doctors will only treat urgent cases, and for a whole week, doctors will not attend clinics.

Doctors working at the Oncology Centre, doctors at Karin Grech Hospital, Mount Carmel Hospital and at Covid-19 swabbing centres are exempt from these directives. Also exempt are children’s doctors in Gozo.

MAM is issuing these directives as it says the Government has not taken sufficient measures, where mass activities are concerned, to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the health of the Maltese and Gozitan public.

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