From next Thursday: all bars and clubs to remain closed, among other measures

From next Thursday, 29th October, all bars and clubs should remain closed.

This was announced by the Health Ministry among more restrictions and measures due to the pandemic.

This measure will remain in force till the 1st December 2020 till 6.00am. While snack bars and kiosks are to remain open, however they cannot – in any way – provide, offer or sell any type of alcoholic drinks to clients and should close between 11.00pm and 5.00am of the next morning.

Also from next Thursday, the maximum amount of persons who may gather in a group in public spaces is being reduced from 10 to six persons. This means that in public spaces, groups of over six persons are banned, including in queues and on bus stops unless social distancing of two metres between them is observed.

This measure does not apply for persons who live in the same residence. The fine for persons who do not observe this measure is being increased to €200, however if the fine is paid before procedures start before the Justice Commissioner, the fine is reduced to €100.

These measures are being introduced following consultation with the Public Health Superintendent in order to further limit the Covid-19 pandemic.