From the warehouse to vaccination….. the vaccine saving people’s lives

A Television Malta crew on Friday followed the process of the daily transfer from the Health Department’s warehouse of the vaccines to the vaccination centres around Malta.

This process starts early each morning when boxes filled with the vaccines are loaded on vans, escorted by the Armed Forces, until they arrive at the vaccination centres. Many health sector workers and hundreds of volunteers, including students, are involved in this process which leads, every day, to the vaccination of an average of 4,000 people.

The health authorities stress that persons who do not receive the vaccine are endangering their health.

Workers at the Central Procurement and Supplies Unit, CPSU, at San Ġwann prepare the boxes since early in the morning containing the three types of vaccines being administered as part of the vaccination rollout in Malta.

At the San Ġwann warehouse, the Pfizer Biontech vaccine is stored at a temperature of minus 70 Celsius in specified freezers; the Moderna vaccine at a temperature of minus 20 Celsius while the AstraZeneca is stored in a normal refrigerator with between two and eight degrees Celsius temperature.

A TVM crew followed the transport process of hundreds of AstraZeneca vaccine distributed to various centres in Malta and Gozo, particularly the transport process to the MCAST centre at Paola, where an average of 400 daily jabs are given.

Currently, persons over 50 years may book the vaccine with an SMS or online on The Government is planning that by the Santa Marija feast in August, the whole of Malta’s and Gozo’s people will have been given the first dose of the vaccine.