From today: No one can report for work in Italy without a Green Pass

With effect from today, anyone reporting for work in Italy has to present a Green Pass, the document which shows a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19 or is in possession of a recent negative test.

Thousands of workers who have refused the vaccine got together this morning in various parts of the country to protest against this law, including in ports, particularly Trieste.

Protests were also held in front of the Fiat Avio factory, with a number of workers protesting in front of the gates because for the first time today – after many years of reporting for work – they are not being allowed entry.

Other demonstrators tried to stop traffic in the centre of Rome, but were stopped by the forces of law and order. Protests were also held all over the country in recent days, with some protests also close to ending up in violence.

Workers protesting at the port of Genoa this morning. Photo: Ansa

According to the law which became effective today, if a worker does not observe the measures he or she will be suspended, and after five days the employer can stop pay.

The measure also applies to self-employed, who cannot offer services unless they hold a Green Pass. Anyone breaking the law can be fined up to 1,500 euro.

The Green Pass will also be needed for travel on trains, visits to the cinema and restaurants, gymnasiums and swimming pools.

Photo (at the very top): Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta this morning went to his office with a Green Pass.

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