WATCH: Maltese-style ftira for Angela Merkel at Gżira “Bus Stop”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is attending today’s Malta Summit, began her day by breakfasting at a popular Gżira kiosk. Accompanied by a number of security officials she entered the Bus Stop Lounge and sat at Table 12, admiring and appreciating the wholesomeness of a Maltese bread snack, the traditional ftira biż-żejt.

Daniel Pizzuto, an employee at the kiosk who served the Chancellor recounted that when traffic police first stopped at the kiosk they thought that something had happened and were further surprised when a number of security officials entered the premises followed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He said Merkel breakfasted on a Maltese ftira and fresh orange juice while her accompanying officials had espresso and other types of coffee. He confessed that the staff and he felt agitated, particularly because of the number of security officials.

Pizzuto continued to relate that after serving her, accompanied by security officials she went and spoke to the staff … in English.

He said she was pleased with the ftira because Maltese bread is always excellent and others had croissants which they also liked. He said that Merkel appreciated the view. He said the Chancellor thanked them, shook hands with them and accepted to have her picture taken with them.

Kiosk manager Renato Vidal said that on the previous evening some of Merkel’s security team had visited the kiosk and had asked him at what time they opened in the morning. Vidal said he suspected that earlier yesterday Merkel had gone past the kiosk and decided to breakfast there the next day.