Full pension for officials who are injured in line of duty – Abela


carmelo_abelaOfficials in the disciplinary corps who are not able to continue serving because they were injured in the line of duty will be receiving a full pension.

This was announced by Home Affairs and National Security Minister, Carmelo Abela during a press conference. Around 4,500 members of the Police, Armed Forces, Civil Protection Department and the Corradino Correctional Facility would be benefitting from this change in the law. He said that if someone has suffered a disability in the course of their duties, they will be entitled to a full pension just as if they had completed 25 years of service. He said that if a member is killed while on duty or as a result of carrying out his duties, his dependents would be entitled to the pension.

“While hoping that such situations do not arise, our job is to plan for every possibility”, said Minister Abela. He noted that while the electoral proposal had mentioned that this right should be extended to police officers and members of the Armed Forces, the Government was expanding this proposal to remove any anomalies that may exist between members of the disciplinary forces.

The Minister mentioned that in the past, a member of the disciplinary corps who had been seriously injured through no fault of his own when he was on duty, was entitled to a pension. However, the amount of his pension was calculated on whether the injury he suffered was serious, permanent or of a temporary nature, after being examined by a medical professional. This pension used to be calculated based on the rates which were less than a full pension.

He said that the new law stipulated that members of the disciplinary corps should be entitled to a pension just as if they had completed their 25 years of service if they have suffered an injury through no fault of their own, during the course of carrying out their duties, leading to a permanent disability. He said that if a person gets injured and cannot continue carrying out their duties to the satisfaction of a specially appointed Board, this person should receive a full pension.

Meanwhile the Government is considering the possibility of the state offering insurance to the disciplinary forces. He said that an expression of interest has been issued for health and life insurance. He said that the Government is currently evaluating this expression of interest.