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Parents concerned about teaching of PSCD sexuality subject – The Ministry for Education responds

On social media the parents of a ten-year-old girl have expressed their concerns and alarms on the subject of sexuality being taught to children during PSCD.

Their concern is the content of books being used and in their opinion written comments they feel are not appropriate to be exposed with Primary School children at a stage when such comments are too early for them.

While stating their respect for all they said they wished their children will not lose their innocence before due time.

In a statement the Ministry for Education said that allegations being made on social media are completely false as well as being irresponsible regarding the teaching of the subject PSCD which is being taught in the sixth year of State schools.

The statement continued by saying that the subject syllabus discusses among other matters the development of sexuality in a manner that is suitable for children of that age while focusing on the development of sincere relationships based on love.

The Ministry said that reference to gay persons is expressed in a manner that is suitable for sixth form pupils within a society that is thankful it is a tolerant one and favours diversity and understands the importance of nurturing values of tolerance and reciprocal respect among children.

The statement continued that parents are informed comprehensively about this particular subject. In fact, this is intertwined with the development of sexuality which is explained to all parents during a meeting that is purposely held to explain the context and the manner children will be taught about the subject and is also published on the
i>website of the Directorate for the Teaching and Assessment Programme, and was made public a number of years ago. Theworkbook used by children is also made public and is given to sixth form students.

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