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Gentlemen’s club manager acquitted of assaulting foreigner who complained about stripper’s dance

A gentlemen’s club manager in Paceville was acquitted of injuring a foreigner who complained because he had not agreed on a dancing price with one of the dancers.

The Police accused Moustafa Hassanein Ibrahim of grievously injuring Magnus Asskildt, breaching public peace with fighting and worked as an unlicensed guard. The case occurred on the 3rd July 2017 in Turġien Santa Rita.

Asskildt told the Court that he went in the gentlemen’s club and spent around €450 for a dance by one of two female dancers. However, he did not settle an agreement on the price, decided to leave and argued with the bouncer on the price. Asskildt testified that he took a photo of the bouncer, who punched him in the face and was hospitalised. He had three stitches were made over his eyes.

He admitted that, before entering the gentlemen’s club, he had gone inside various other establishments and drank alcohol.

The accused testified that Asskildt had alleged that they tried to rob him money, and when he told him to open the wallet to see the money and card, which were allegedly stolen, these were inside the wallet. He added that the man looked drunk, became aggressive and pushed him, while a security officer approached them and punched Asskildt.

Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit said that while the accused version remained constant, that of the alleged victim was confused. The court concluded that the charges against him were not proved and acquitted him.

Prosecution was led by Inspector Trevor Micallef.