German company commemorates World Cup win with sausage

Germans will commemorate the historic 7-1 win against Brazil, during the last edition of the World Cup four years ago, with the production of a sausage packet.

The 8th July football match is now being commemorated by a German company which is selling this special sausage.

The packet consists of eight sausages – seven white ones for the seven German goals and a white sausage for the goal scored by Brazil. The packet also has the two countries’ flags with the result of the match. Its selling price is €4.

On social sites, the sausage colour also raised an uproar due to racism. However the German company’s directors denied they had any racist intentions and claimed that the variety in colour has nothing to do with its taste.

The ingredients in the Brazil sausage consist of beef, while the German one is made of pork and bacon.

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