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German Evangelical Church holds protest in Malta about immigration

The German Evangelical Church has appealed to the politicians and Governments in Europe not to run away from the realities of immigration and choose to close their borders.

Speaking in front of the Valletta monument which commemorates the emigration of Maltese children, Manfred Rekowski, appealed to the Maltese authorities to withdraw their decision not to allow NGO rescue ships from working from Malta. He said that this decision may have fatal consequences for the lives of immigrants who are stranded out at sea.

Present for this press conference there were crew members from the MV Lifeline, Sea-Watch and Sea Eye, and the plane Moonbird which have been seized in Malta. They lit candles, and placed rescue vests and small crosses to represent the lives of immigrants who died in the Mediterranean.

Questioned by Television Malta about whether Germany was one of the countries which accepted the Maltese Government’s request to take a group of immigrants from MV Lifeline, Ansgar Gilster, said that the German Evangelical Church does not hold back from criticizing authorities which are trying to get out of their humanitarian responsibilities.

“We see huge lack of human solidarity, and this is actually the problem. We re not coming here to criticize or comment on Maltese politics or Italian politics. Not at all, but we’re here to try to see what’s going on, and condemn what s going on, and protect and support those who risk their own lives to save the lives of others,” said Gilster.

Ansgar Gilster said that the German Evangelical Church is not passive in front of the atrocities towards children, including abortion and those who are homeless.

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