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German photographer, fascinated by Carnival, keeps coming back to Malta

Photos often reveal details which we do not always pay attention to. German photographer Frank Kirchner was captivated by the beauty of the capital, Valletta and completely fascinated by the Maltese Carnival. He has spent the last three years taking thousands of photos, which he wishes to publish in two books: one about Valletta and the other about the Maltese Carnival.

Mr Kirchner visited Malta for the first time as a tourist in 1989. Over the last three years he has been to Malta between five to six times a year to take photos of events, the streets, the people and the Maltese lifestyle, especially in the capital.

“I’m here six months a year so I can say I am part-time Maltese,” Mr Kirchner explained.

He was highly impressed with the Maltese Carnival and in fact his dream is to publish a book in the form of a catalogue of photos which represent the Maltese Carnival from the dancing to the floats, elaborate costumes and the joyful celebration, as well as shots from behind-the-scenes.

“I like Maltese Carnival because it is very spontaneous. It is more spontaneous than, for example, in Germany from where I come… it is festivity for the whole family and it is full of passion and emotion,” said Mr Kirchner.

Frank Kirchner said that at the moment he is looking for a place in Valletta to exhibit his photos about the Carnival.

The German photographer is also in love with Valletta. He said that he is captivated by the culture, history and feasts which intertwine with the fast pace of the thousands of people who enter the capital every day.

“I would like to publish a book about Valletta. I plan to publish it in Autumn but at the moment I am looking for a publisher,” said Kirchner.

Frank Kirchner said that through his photos he wishes to show the details which we do not always see when we enter the city. He said that he has even taken lessons in Maltese in Bremen, Germany but said that he finds it difficult to speak the language.

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