Germany: Social and Christian Democrats go head to head

In Germany, the first exit polls after the election to appoint a new Chancellor show that the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats stand head to head with 26% of the vote each.

More than 60 million Germans were eligible to vote and choose between three candidates for the post of Chancellor. These are Armin Laschet from the Christian Democratic Party, Olaf Scholz from the Social Democratic Party and Annalena Baerbock from the Green Party.

So far, indications are that the race is between Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet, but whoever is elected must form a coalition government. A process that is expected to take quite some time as the parties have to agree on key posts.

This election in Germany will bring to a close Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 16 year legacy.

For several months public opinion polls have been fluctuating. At first Armin Laschet was in the lead. For a while, the Greens were at the forefront, but in recent weeks there has been an increase for the Social Democrats.

In his first comments shortly after the polls closed, Olaf Scholz said he was very happy with the results. On the other hand, Armin Laschet said his party would do its best to form a government.