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UPDATED: Commotion outside Parliament: Minister Bonnici’s vehicle damaged

In Valletta, the activist groups Repubblika and Occupy Justice organised a protest demanding that MPs remove Joseph. Muscat from Prime Minister, if he does not resign voluntarily. They said that the PM should have kicked Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi out and when he did not do this, they said he created a situation of impunity.

The protest started near Castille with the protesters affixing a banner to the main door with the message “No to corruption”.

In front of Parliament, the protesters addressed Government MPs, shouting out slogans against occupation and telling them to resign.

Commotion and scuffles then broke out when Minister of Justice, Owen Bonnici came out of Parliament, with the protestors circling around his car, and not allowing him to leave, while banging on his car.

During the commotion a Police Inspector and a female Police officer were injured and Justice Minister Owen Bonnici’s official vehicle was damaged.

The Police Inspector and the police officer were trying to keep the demonstrators away from the car, but the latter was injured when the car ran over her foot.

After a while, MP Simon Busuttil asked the protestors to step back and allow some space for Minister Bonnici’s car to be allowed to leave.  The car drove towards Castille with some of the demonstrators continuing to run behind it.

The protestors also went in front of the Great Siege monument where they sang the Maltese anthem and placed candles, flowers and the signs they were carrying during the protest, in memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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