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Financial aid for farmers who suffered damages during February storms

Farmers who suffered damages during the February storms and gales are to be given financial compensation.

A Government statement said that those who had registered claims with the Department for Agricultural will receive payment accordingly over the coming days.

The Government said it is also committed to seek a solution for damages suffered by those who process-manufacture agricultural products and is thus also seeking a method for support for these.

In February the Government formally applied for EU funding for the damages throughout the country. An exercise computing damages caused amounted to €25 million.

For a Member Country to qualify to receive aid from the EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF) damages have to total in the region of €62 million, a figure that reflects essential fund conditions tied to 0.6% Gross National Profit or 1.5% of Gross Domestic Product. Based on these regulations, Malta does not qualify to benefit from this fund.

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