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Took her exams in a hospital bed 30 minutes after giving birth

A young Ethiopian woman was determined to take her exams, so determined that she took her exams in a hospital bed, just 30 minutes after having given birth to a baby boy.

Almaz Derese, who is 21-years-old, had been hoping to take the exams prior to giving birth, but these had to be postponed because of Ramadan and the first exam was underway as she was about to give birth.

Almaz took her secondary level English examination, Aramaic and Mathematics in hospital and is expected to take the rest of her exams in a class room.

She had been an early school leaver but then decided to continue with her studies and is further planning to undergo a two-year course to enable her to enter university.

Almaz said her delivery had not been a difficult one, mainly because she was in a hurry and determined to take her exams.

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