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Aims to encourage the generosity of those that ‘have’ to help the ‘have not’

It’s very true the festive season is hard on the pocket … presents, clothes, shoes and accessories, eating out, drinks and many other things that highlight the season. However, there is also an altruistic and spiritual side of Christmas that spurs people to think of others at this time of the year.

The activity ‘L-Istrina Cent Stunt’ has the aim of urging those with much to give something small in aid of those who do not have much.

This is the second time the cent stunt is being held in Valletta as part of the ‘Istrina’ programme. Last year this raised €30,000. During her visit to see the event in process, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that money raised during ‘Istrina’ is crucial to those who need care and help for cancer treatment and other ailments.

To a background of the activities taking place near the Parliament building, the Secretary of the Fondazzjoni Malta Community Chest Fund, Dorothy Vassallo, explained the challenge is that by Sunday evening the ‘Istrina’ sketch on the ground is covered with €2 pieces.

She said the need for greater financial help has increased because cancer is always on the increase and chemotherapy expenses have also increased. Ms Vassallo said the Foundation is giving €800,000 monthly to those in need and annually this amounts to a substantial sum of money and therefore the more money raised the more substantial the support that will be enabled to be given.

She continued by saying the ‘Istrina’ campaign appeals to the generous instincts and empathy of the Maltese people by encouraging them to donate to help those who are in need.

‘L-Istrina’ will reach its peak on the day after Christmas Day (Boxing Day) when under the patronage of President Coleiro Preca a marathon programme will be broadcast to boost donations and the final sum collected will be broadcast.


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