Dr Delia says he is obliged to carry the responsibility for the common good of the PN as well as being Leader of the Opposition

The meeting of the Nationalist Party’s Administrative Council began a short while ago so that at 7 pm the Party’s Executive Committee will begin its meeting in the light of the decision by President George Vella that Adrian Delia should retain his role as Leader of the Opposition even though a majority vote of the Parliamentary Group approved a Motion of No Confidence in him last week.

On his way to enter the PN’s Dar Ċentrali, Dr Delia said he has the obligation of carrying the responsibility for the common good of the Nationalist Party as the Leader of the Opposition.

Dr Delia was responding to questions made by TVM as to whether he had made contact he had made contact with the four MPs, Therese Comodini Cachia, Claudette Buttigieg, Chris Said and David Thake that he mentioned yesterday during the programme “Realtà”. Delia had said these had been clear in their speeches and therefore in their regard he will never restore his confidence in them. He once more maintained it is difficult to have confidence in someone who has no confidence in you.

He ended by saying that this evening’s discussion should be based on what is happening in the country and how the Nationalist Party should be equipped to tackle developments.

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