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Organisations and AD describe proposed legal changes to rental market as a step forward

Civil societies who last February made their proposals regarding the rental market have welcomed the White Paper while declaring they will be making further specific proposals to be included in rental regulations. Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) has also described the White Paper as a step forward although expressing reservations about the rights of a landlord to terminate a period of rent before its time.

The coalition of 20 NGOs regard the Paper as being positive and noted a number of their proposals have been included while maintaining that further measures are necessary.

Andre Callus from Moviment Graffiti said the rental market which he described as “a jungle” will not be solved by the White Paper and insisted the coalition would like to see rental contracts cover at least a period of three years with the Government offering fiscal incentives to those owners offering longer contracts.

Among other aspects the coalition said it agrees that landlords are given the possibility of increasing rent based on an established mechanism subject to certain limitations. The coalition also urged that when a rental contract is extended the rise in rent should not exceed 10%. It was also proposed that sanctions be implemented against landlords who rent without a valid contract.

During a media conference held in Cospicua, Alternattiva Demokratika explained the White Paper as a step forward and said when implemented it should serve to create stability in the rental market and afford protection for landlords and those who rent.

AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said regulation will succeed if there is also adequate social accommodation. He said the time has come to regulate deposits that are demanded beforehand to make good for any damages that may occur or to make good for unpaid bills.

Architect Cacopardo said Alternattiva Demokratika does not agree that a landlord may terminate a contract before its due time as stipulated in the White Paper on grounds for his own use or that of relatives and also in cases of sale for development. He said such reasons may be valid for a contract not to be extended but not grounds for premature termination.

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