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Għar Dalam reopens following extensive works – it will form part of a national park

The Għar Dalam prehistoric site has reopened following extensive works during the past seven months with an investment of a quarter of a million euro by Heritage Malta.

The works are part of a bigger project which will turn the site into a part of a national park that includes seven valleys and leads to the far end of Ħal Safi.

Heritage Malta executive director, Mario Cutajar, said the agency will not contribute to the past if it leaves historic sites as it found them. During the inauguration of the extensive works, Mr Cutajar stressed that Heritage Malta aims to change the way it presents the country’s national heritage.

“We do not speak on museums as art temples of ancient times, but we speak of hubs, centres where there is awareness of the national heritage, with learning and recognition. This is what we feel at Heritage Malta that we need to transmit because it provides accessibility”.

Works at Għar Dalam included refurbishment of the museum’s two major halls which now reflect the old museum, objects exhibited for the first time and a dignified entrance. The interpretation service was improved; visitors will now have an audio-guide service, while the site’s electricity system was replaced. The works included the planting of indigenous plants together with the creation of a Single World Garden in which teachers may take students for interactive lessons with nature.

National Heritage Minister, Jose’ Herrera, praised the work of Heritage Malta, adding that the Government has allocated €3 million in next year’s budget for the restoration and refubishing of museums and historical sites of Heritage Malta.