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Greater awareness for the prevention of heart disease

The Cardiology Department at Mater Dei Hospital has continued with its efforts to create greater awareness on the prevention of heart diseases. On a day filled with activities, hundreds of people took medical tests carried out by the Heart Society to increase the awareness and precautions of heart disease and its serious complications.

Today, Sunday, tests were also carried out for blood pressure, sugar levels and weight and were conducted in the hospital foyer in conjunction with the Medical Students Group which conducted an educational campaign.

The public was also provided with training on First Aid, such as CPR, in case of a heart attack.

The Chairman of the Cardiology Department, Robert Xuereb, said heart disease is the greatest killer in Malta. The consumption of types of food is important as well as to take regular tests for cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure.

Dr Xuereb said that in recent months stress tests are being carried out to ascertain a more accurate reading of heart beat frequency.

Dr Xuereb said that while during an ECG there is also an investigation for narrowed arteries and an echo cardiogram is carried out after the completion of an exercise to monitor heart beat. Narrowed arteries can be detected through ECG while irregular heart beat can also be monitored after exercise.

Members of the public were also given the opportunity to tour wards and apparatus used to cure people with heart problems.

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