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Għargħur bomb: Kevin Ellul released from hospital – the bomb was on the kitchen counter

The police are still trying to unravel the tangled web of events which led to the bomb explosion in May which almost killed Kevin Ellul in Għargħur. Ellul, who was seriously injured in the explosion, has been released from hospital, but sources close to the police said that he is still not co-operating with the investigation into the bomb which almost took his life.

Ellul, who narrowly escaped being killed at his farmhouse in Għargħur, has left the hospital 18 days after being admitted in danger of dying from the injuries he had sustained.

Investigators are still trying to speak to him to establish the facts surrounding the incident which happened at 3pm on 23 May. Informed sources said that, to date, Ellul who was already known to the police, has kept his mouth shut and has refused to answer any police questions.

Investigators are not excluding that someone was still making the bomb, because from the investigation it appears that it was on the kitchen counter which is around four metres away from the outside door.

Sources said that Court-appointed experts are still analyzing the remains which were collected from the scene so that they can determine what type of material was used and the amount of explosives which were contained in the bomb, described by experts as a an ‘Improvised Explosive Device’.

The investigators are also still analyzing a number of mobile phones and phone calls which were made in the last few hours before the explosion, along with security camera footage which was elevated from the area taken only two days prior to the explosion.

The investigations into this case are being led by the Homicide Squad within the Criminal Investigations Department, along with the Birkirkara district police.

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