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Gozo gets 4G+

A local telecommunications company for the first time will be bringing Internet 4G+ into our country and will start with Gozo.

With a download speed of up to  210 Mbps, 4G+ will lead to an online expierence which will be 60% more powerful than 4G.

In a statement, Vodafone said that the introduction of 4G+ will improve any Internet activity, such as the use of apps, transfer of data in real time, streaming, as well as downloads and browsing at a faster speed, and better quality when one is watching videos.

The company said that clients who have mobiles which are compatible will not need to do anything to access the 4G+ network because these mobiles will find the correct settings themselves for an improved performance.

The company has invited all Gozitans to collect their free sim card of 1GB for free Internet from their local shops.