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Giacomo celebrates recovery from a rare form of cancer

A year after he received the diagnosis that he was sick with a rare form of leukemia, Giacomo Cassar Fenech and his family, are celebrating his recovery. Giacomo spent eight months at Mater Dei hospital after he was stricken by this rare illness which strikes one out of every 300,000 people.  Today, Giacomo has been cured thanks to Puttinu Cares, which helps children who are suffering from cancer, and has a message of courage for them.

When he was diagnosed with Berkitt’s lymphoma leukemia, Giacomo was admitted to Mater Dei and did not leave for the next eight months. During those long months in a hospital bed, Giacomo, who was only 9 at the time, was in a lot of pain and could barely speak.

Giacomo Cassar Fenech said “one of my worst sufferings, it felt like I had glass in my mouth, I could not speak a word, and luckily I used a phone and to talk I used to type and show it to mother”.

From the time he was six years old, Giacomo was always raised by his family to be positive and determined. When he fell ill, he wanted one of his teachers next to him, the former soldier Martin Borg. He told us that the encouraging words of his teacher used to help him not to give up.

Martin Borg said,  “he used to smile when I used to send him seomthing, and when I used to visit him it was something phenomenal for me.”

Giacomo’s mother, Pira Fenech, said she cannot believe that her son is now cured. She thanked Puttinu for always helping to boost her morale, and to stay strong despite the cruel circumstances of her son’s illness.

Pira Fenech said, “I look back and I cannot believe it as if nothing had happened. Never give up because otherwise you will continue to plunge deeper into despair, have faith and hope.”

Last Christmas, Giacomo received a large number of cards from many children wishing him a speedy recovery and these cards gave him hope. After going through this bitter experience, Giacomo made an appeal to children who are sick like he was: “don’t lose hope, I am here living my life, running around”.

Giacomo is one of the many children who have received help and support from Puttinu Cares, and he will be giving his support to other children during the 60 hour volleyball and football marathon taking place this Friday at the Marsa sports complex.